Mal-The Captain

New Preview!

Well, some of the cast and crew of ye olde Redemption are at Phoenix Comicon, and they shared this brand new preview with the crowd there. Since they're obviously still a bit busy with the con, I'll share this here! Take a peak, and if you're going to Dragon*Con, be sure to come see our girl live!

Problematic Food

Wanted: One Terrifyin' Cake Monkey

Once upon a universe
When all the stars align
There comes a time for pastry,
A fun cake by design
To celebrate a film that's
Made by and for the fans
With talent given to the cause
By one and every man.

Because we want the joy to build
And keep momentum warm,
We turn now to a City
Wrapped in the state of Charm
To fetch a sweet for us to share
At the debut of our reel.
But we have only a short time
In order to close the deal.

Won't you help those who've helped
And make our dreams come true?
We'd love a chance to finally rest,
Have our cake, and eat it, too!

We are thrilled to have an opportunity to obtain a specially designed cake for our local premiere (September 19, other details TBA), made by none-other than Charm City Cakes, but we desperately need your help. In order to make this happen, we need to be able to provide a payment of $2,800, and it is too much for us to do on our own. We are hoping that you, fans and supporters, can help us make this happen. While we realize that not everyone can join us for this amazing night, we will be holding a raffle for all contributors, near and far.

Every $5 donation enters your name into a virtual raffle of the following prize package: a Browncoats: Redemption ("BCR") poster, a BCR t-shirt, a BCR DVD, a limited edition Better Days comic signed by Alan Tudyk, a Jayne hat replica (donated by Heather Hill of, a copy of Titan Book's "Firefly: Still Flying" signed by the cast and producers of BCR, and a Jason Palmer print. (We at Big Damn Fan Films reserve the right to add even more goodies to the prize package.)

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Some shiny new wallpaper is available through Sending a Wave's website.

Back in February, I had the opportunity to sit down with Felicia Day. She was great to chat with, even though I felt like a hulking giant next to her.

If you haven't been teased enough, here are some behind the scenes photos. Collapse )

Have you recorded your "I am a Browncoat" video yet? Collapse )

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Crossed Genres Article

A new anti-hero has stepped into the ‘Verse. Captain Laura Matthews, captain of the ship Redemption, really has no heroic goals. Unlike Mal Reynold’s and his crew, Captain Laura isn’t out to spread the signal or disrupt the Alliance. She merely wants to make a living and keep her peace.

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