Browncoats: Redemption

A Fan Film for Charity

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A Fan Film for Charity
"Browncoats: Redemption" A Fan Film for Charity is a sci-fi/action fan film based in the Firefly/Serenity 'Verse, created by Joss Whedon. We aren't lookin' to get paid cashie money for this so this project will be 100% non-profit.

Outside of covering the cost of production, we are looking to have our proceeds to go, as a donation, to:

* Equality Now
* Kids Need to Read
* Dyslexia Foundation
* The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center
* The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation

We estimate each DVD will be available for a donation of $12-15. To give you an idea of why we thing this is completely viable, in September '07 the opening weekend sales figures for the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD sold an estimated 32,396 copies. Now that's just the Serenity Collector's Edition. If we could accomplish that number in our total donations for the DVD we could raise $485,940. That would be close to $90,000 for each charity. Now knowing we Browncoats purchase multiple copies to save, loan and watch, we could do great things for the collective charities.

These DVD's would also be available to each of the Browncoat groups to use at Con's, events, and any other opportunities that may come across their bow.

If you want to put up a link that is not related to anyone in the cast of Firefly, related to this project direction, or related to any of the charities we support please ask Mike, Steve, or Michele. Listing your own Firefly or Firefly Cast Member LJ community is allowed, but please mention our group to your members and on your page...fair is fair. We're all utimately trying to connect, and convert, new Browncoats. If you don't ask, your post will be exterminated.


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